What is a ux sketch?

User experience sketches are quick, simple and powerful tools designers use to solve problems or explore opportunities.

In order for an artifact to be a user experience sketch it has to be

1. Unprecious : Sketches are not precious and can destroyed to make room for more ideas.

2. Quick : Sketches don’t take days to make. They are fast as we are fast. Like ninjas.

3. Useful : UX sketches lead to solutions. While doodling is immense fun for the purpose of ux sketching we sketch as a means to an end.

Sketches can include

  • Paper sketches

  • Software sketches

  • Form sketches

  • Electronic sketches

  • Video sketches

I’ve started a project to start collection such sketches. If you want to participate you can add your own sketch to the User Experience Sketches flickr group. Or you can view the collection at UX sketches gallery


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