Sketch Jams at frog design

A few weeks ago I started doing Sketch Jams at frog as way for us to experiment in creating ‘thinking with out hands’ culture. Here’s my wright up for the Jam’s as well as a collection of pictures from the ongoing¬†endeavor.


Sketch Jam is based on the simple idea that everyone, regardless of skill, experience, or job description can benefit from a place and time to tinker, play, experiment and practice design sketching. Design sketches can be paper sketches, software sketches, form sketches, electronic sketches or video sketches. All these are open topics for us to explore with our jams.

Think of it as a space and time to play and think with your hands. Everyone whether they are an industrious Intern or an eclectic ECD, a tubular technologist of a daring designer is invited. Anyone who wants to improve their storytelling, making, tinkering abilities, or just wants to blow off some steam after working on a super demanding project is welcome.

Each ‘Sketch Jam’ will be a series of small containable exercises. A ‘recipe’ if you will, with ingredients and simple steps. You don’t have to go to the Jams in any order and each one can be repeatable and open to any level of experience. Practice is the key here.

* Sketch Jams also have their own space on frog’s design mind >!-/

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